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Welcome to AmaziBlog – start your amazing blog today! It is the place to come to learn all about blogging. I designed this blog site for individuals like you who want to start their blog successfully. Here you’ll find an amazing guideline on how to start a blog from scratch that has easy-to-follow actions steps. And the good news is that this amazing guideline is FREE for you!

You’ll also find here great helpful tips and resources to start growing your blog and make it a great success. With the proper guidance, you’ll finally be able to see yourself as a proud blogger and joyfully share your thoughts, knowledge, and experiences to hundreds and thousands of your readers.

Start a Successful Blog Now


It is so great that you have finally had an interest and decide to have your blog. Starting a blog is not complicated at all like what might others think. And I’m here to assure you that starting a successful blog is amazingly fun and achievable.

Skip the rest of the introduction and proceed here to start the first step RIGHT AWAY!

You might have heard from people around you the term ”blog”, and you’re probably wondering what’s it all about.


Hey! Tell me, what is blog anyways?

A blog is very similar and most likely the same to a website. A blog is a short form of a word weblog. It is a regularly updated online personal diary or journal that is maintained by one person called blogger.  It is a place where you write to express yourself to the whole world.

A blog also consists of entries, also called posts, appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry popping up first which is similar in format to a day to day journal. It typically contains features such as links and comments to increase blogger interactivity.


Now then, why should I start a blog?

There are so many reasons out there why should you start a blog. Here-under is the common ones:


Share your Story


1) You want to share your story-

It is a prominent way to express yourself and also an amazing way to share your adventures and experiences with everyone. A blog enables you to have a voice to be heard.



Great Writer


2) You want to be a great writer –

It’ll surely make you a better person. With blogging, it obviously refines your writing skills and as well as communication skills.




3) You want to help other people

Spread your knowledge and information through blogging. Most of the people search ideas, answers, and solutions for their problems. Your expertise and advice could be essential and very helpful.


4) You want to make money

You might’ve heard or seen many successful bloggers who are making a lot of money by just blogging. Yes, it’s true and it is possible to monetize your blog. The best part of it is that it is a form of passive income.



Is it complicated to start a blog?

Not at all. There are so many people out there who are successful in blogging and they prove that starting a blog is not complicated even for beginners like you. However, you must be equipped with these three forbidden spells: PASSION, PERSEVERANCE, and DEDICATION.  If you are lazy, then you go nowhere.


Now it’s your TURN!

Do you want to start a successful blog as well? If yes, now is the time to head over to my amazing guideline and learn easily how to create your own.


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