Founder of Amaziblog

Hi! I’m Sam Baisac, the happy founder of Amaziblog, where I teach beginners all over the world who aspires to become a blogger and start their own blog successfully. I am so excited to teach you what I know everything about blogging, and I am so pleased that you were stumbled here in my simple yet amazing blog.

A little bit about myself:

I’m currently earning a full-time as an internal audit from a prestigious company in my hometown. And I venture myself into online marketing and blogging. I, fortunately, found myself very passionate about blogging and I have so much amazing fun doing it. Thus, my blog, Amaziblog, was created.

Why Amaziblog ?

I built Amaziblog because I want to share my knowledge and amazing foolproof steps I took to start a blog.  And I want to help out beginners who feel like they’re engaged in a rat race and getting nowhere. I exactly knew what it feels like because I’ve been there. I want to let you know that it is feasible to start a blog successfully and I can help you reach that target.

My blog is built towards:

  1. Especially for beginners who are looking for amazing guideline with easy-to-follow action steps starting a blog.
  2. Anyone else who wants to live audaciously, but aren’t sure what’s the first step to start.
  3. Anyone else who is interested in how to make money with their blogs.

When you follow my amazing guideline here, you are doing the same thing we did. And we did it successfully.

How happy am I to know that!

Well, keep in mind that every information about blogging here on my site is free to use. You can share it too with your family, friends, colleague and loved ones.

Enjoy reading my blog!


—> SAM

Spread the love, knowledge and wisdom!